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Dairty table everyday

My friend and a good person Mr Ahsan Saleem Kathoria make my table dairty on daily I am going to show this to him.




After long time in fun

Working on some old sites and its fun for me to work 🙂


No public transport

Public transport strike called by tranport association of Karachi to ask Govt. to decrease prices of fuel.


Google doodle

Todays doodle is a great doodle for Edweard J. Muybridge’s 182nd birthday google remembered his birthday.


Great Sunday 08-April-2012

Today is Sunday I just wokeup and have a breackfast. Now watching comedy circus on Sony Entertainment TV a great comedy show I love it.


Today 06-March 2012

In office working on my first project on which I worked when I join the company.

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