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Mr. Muneeb Iqbal and About Us

Mr. Muneeb Iqbal senior Manager Operations working on products about us pages.

Looking very busy.


For more: Muneeb Iqbal


Sharag's Tech Interview HELP

1) what is session_set_save_handler in PHP? session_set_save_handler() sets the user-level session storage functions which are used for storing and retrieving data associated with a session. This is most useful when a storage method other than those supplied by PHP sessions is preferred. i.e. Storing the session data in a local database.

2) what is garbage collection? default time ? refresh time? Garbage Collection is an automated part of PHP , If the Garbage Collection process runs, it then analyzes any files in the /tmp for any session files that have not been accessed in a certain amount of time and physically deletes them. arbage Collection process only runs in the default session save directory, which is /tmp. If you opt to save your sessions in a different directory, the Garbage Collection process will ignore it. the Garbage Collection process does not differentiate between which sessions belong to whom when run…

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